The Rested Cocktail Co

The Rested Bottled Co bottles laying on a white background

"At The Rested Cocktail Co, we pride ourselves on producing the best bottled cocktails possible. This means we never compromise, with authenticity and quality at the heart of what we do."  

"Alcohol Solutions truly understand this and have helped us scale up our production and grow our range with ease, while always respecting and upholding our values and commitment to being the best." 

"They help us source quality spirits, ingredients, bottles, corks and closures, and support our liquid and recipe development. This allows us to concentrate on growing our brand. "

"All this has resulted in a fantastic product that is hitting the shelves quickly, at an outstanding premium quality, and selling better than ever."

Johnny Eley
The Rested Cocktail Co

Services applied

  • Sourcing Materials
  • Bottling