At its 13,000 sq ft site Carrington, Greater Manchester, Alcohol Solutions creates, produces and packages beverages for a wide range of businesses, from artisan craft producers to multinational brand owners and retailers, both in the UK and overseas.

The City of Manchester Distillery forms part of Alcohol Solutions and has a full distiller’s licence, as granted by HM Revenue & Customs. The Distillery legally produced Manchester’s first batch of rum (from fermentation to distillation) and is the creator of the multi-award winning Three Rivers Gin.

Alcohol Solutions Depot Exterior
Alcohol Solutions lab worker writing down tasting notes

Alcohol Solutions has a laboratory for developing beverages, a state-of-the-art CL5 canning line, a British-made bottling line and a bonded facility. The centre has capacity to process ten million cans and bottles per year. 

Within easy access of the motorway network and Manchester International Airport, Alcohol Solutions is an ideal base for bottling, canning and distribution.


Alcohol Solutions was established as an independent company in June 2020 by the team behind the successful City of Manchester Distillery and the multi-award winning Three Rivers Gin.

The Carrington site opened in October 2020 and the business is producing, bottling and canning drinks for companies including Didsbury Gin, The Rested Cocktail Co, Ealing Distillery, and Étän Rum.

The Team

Dave Rigby

Dave Rigby

Managing director and master distiller

Dave’s passion lies in producing timeless and innovative alcohol-based beverages, utilising a range of approaches and methodologies to develop leading products for the company’s own brands and its customers, which range from micro-distilleries to multinationals.

He developed and built Manchester’s first ever city centre distillery, and created the multi-award winning Three Rivers Gin in 2016. Dave was also the first person to be granted a full distiller’s licence and recently created the first ever legal batch of rum to be produced in the city.

His in-depth knowledge on the principles of production for a wide range of liquids, combined with decades of practical experience, make Dave one of the most skilled alcohol producers in the UK.

Mike Hughes

Mike Hughes


With a background in finance and a keen passion for economics, Mike balances his role within the company between the corporate management of Alcohol Solutions and overseeing operations for the distillery.

Mike is responsible for implementing the most effective processes and data management systems within the company in a number of different areas, from stock control through to compliance, to ensure every stage of a customer’s journey runs smoothly.

A passionate advocate for the drinks industry and its history, Mike has built a wealth of knowledge in the production and movement of products, alongside a database of key contractors and contacts that are on-hand to provide their services to customers.